👋 hello, im simponic!
❤️ i like math, cooking, running, and penguins.
🐙 check my gitea at git.simponic.xyz/simponic!.
🔥 hatecomputers.club.
✉️ elizabeth@simponic.xyz.
📖 this page hosts fun stuff! play around if you'd like.

Euler Golf 2

A puzzle game (with BFS solver) to explore rotations in the complex plane.

Tabloid Closures

An implementation of Closures in the esoteric "Tabloid" language, with select Data Structure and Algorithm implementations from scratch in (essentially) Lambda Calculus.

Godel Explorer

Compile L-Programs into JavaScript and Godel numbers.

Simponic's State System

A neatly animated Turing Tape simulator.

Julia Set Explorer

Zoom, pan, and "c" complex changes in this GPU-accelerated playground!

Discrete Fourier Visualizer

Draw how your year has gone and view a reactive graph containing its DFT by dragging your mouse over the canvas!

The A-maze-ing Maize Maze

A Randomized Kruskal's Maze game with (more) BFS. You play as a 🌽corn stalk trying to become 🍿popcorn.


Boring remake of the classic arcade game.

DVD Logo Bouncing Animation

Bring back the nostalgia of old-school DVD players with an intersection predictor. No Canvas API; only svg's and absolute positioned images.